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Journeying by ASFA

Artist Song
ASFA  Many Are Called  
ASFA  End of Time 
ASFA  Gi Mi Di Night  
ASFA  Rude 
ASFA  Not The Life 
ASFA  Vanity 
ASFA  Weekend Fever feat. Hefla Nyah  
ASFA  Mother I 
ASFA  Do It Dad  
ASFA  500 Miles 
ASFA  Bacchanal 
ASFA  Run 
ASFA  Splendid Thing  


Journeying by ASFA released May 12th, 2015 by Jecoliah Entertainment Production and VPAL.

With a smoke tinged voice that cast a spell over those within earshot reggae singer Asfa is debuting his album Journeying which listeners will find to be a pleasant surprise.

Listen for yourselves and you will discover what many others are already enjoying: a vocal that is standing out in the crowd of Jamaican singers. It is no exaggeration to say that Asfa has a unique sound which will draw the attention of anyone who checks out his 13 track opus coming out as we speak on Jecoliah Entertainment Production to be distributed by VPAL.

The disc contains popular numbers Many Are Called and the number one single Not The Life but also calls the ladies to attention with the inviting End Of Time as well as the lovers favorites 500 Miles, Gi Mi Di Night, Bacchanal and a cover of the worldwide smash Rude.

In keeping with reggae’s tradition of message bringing there are hard hitters in the form of Vanity and Run. The album takes on an autobiographical nature addressing the singer’s grief talking about his late mother on Mother I, giving props to his supportive father: Do It Dad and those needing some relationship caffeine, Weekend Fever featuring singjay Hefla Nyah. Journeying comes to a fitting close with the acoustic serenade Splendid Thing.

The theme of the album chronicles the struggle to finds ones place in the sun and the personal Journeying of Asfa who started out lifting sound systems boxes, graduating to becoming a sound dj before leaving music. Migrating to the US he served in the US Army then went into banking before giving it all up to return to his first love: music.

The album comes in a short two years after going fully professional as a recording artist and Asfa is one who is destined for success. Take a listen to Journeying and you will know why.

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