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Sitting at the Edge of Forever

Artist Song
Molly Hatchet  Flirtin' With Disaster  
AC/DC  Have A Drink On Me  
Willy DeVille  It's So Easy  
Beastie Boys  Body Movin'  
The Smiths  Panic  
Lisa Lougheed  Run With Us 
The Brothers Johnson  Strawberry Letter 23  
Bruce Springsteen  Pink Cadillac  
Whodini  Freaks Come Out At Night  
Queen  Don't Stop Me Now  
Oingo Boingo  Dead Man's Party  
Public Enemy  Can't Truss It  
The Sisters of Mercy  This Corrosion  
Rollins Band  What's The Matter Man  
Quiet Riot  Party All Night  


I loved the "Guardians of the Galaxy" soundtrack, and after seeing "Mad Max: Fury Road," I decided to run with the idea of the "Guardians" soundtrack and make my own mix based on what I'd want to be stuck listening to if I lived in the world of Max Rockatansky.