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She's Real: Riot Grrrl 202

Artist Song
Kathleen Hanna  Rockstar 
Suture  Secret Language 
Bratmobile  Love Thing  
Voodoo Queens  Summer Sun 
Cheesecake  Mother's Little Helper  
Tiger Trap  Supreme Nothing  
Skinned Teen  Pillow Case Kisser  
Atari Teenage Riot  Revolution Action  
Kicking Giant  Fuck the Rules 
Excuse 17  Vanishing Act 
Raooul  Mike Tee Vee 
Heavens to Betsy  The Ones 
Thurston Moore  Psychic Hearts  
Pussycat Trash  1 2 3 4 (Peel Session) 
Mecca Normal  Strong White Male  
The Frumpies  Malice and Discontent  
Chia Pet  Hey Baby 
Star Pimp  Meat Grinder  
Juliana Luecking  17, 18, 19 Grrrls!  
Emily's Sassy Lime  Teenage Superstar 
Huggy Bear  February 14th 
slant 6  thirty-thirty vision 
Blood Sausage  Footdown 
Free Kitten  Harvest Spoon  
Heavenly  She Says 
7 Year Bitch  You Smell Lonely  
Sebadoh  Fast Times at Riot Grrrl High 
Lucid Nation  Grrrl Band 
Bikini Kill  Statement Of Vindication  


A few quintessential staples from Riot Grrrl's heyday, plus affiliated acts and what not. I have a larger version from cassette that includes influences like The Slits, X Ray Spex, Runaways, Raincoats, Avengers, Beat Happening, Shop Assistants, Nation of Ulysses, Babes in Toyland, Frightwig, Teenage Jesus, etc. which is super essential in it's own right, but I don't remember the running order and I'm a stickler for song order so this batch from my ITunes works aight.

The majority of these songs are not difficult to come by by amy means so seriously jot them down burn a copy and give it to your middle school niece or something. This shit STILL holds up and it's more vital than ever!
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Date: 1/4/2021
just stumbled across this website and ur account, love ur mixes spent all morning going through them!!!