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Une homme dans une gare désolée

Artist Song
Leyland Kirby  Wdtftcs - Ten 
Leyland Kirby  When we parted, my heart wanted to die (Frederichshain memory) 
Leyland Kirby  This is the story of paradise lost 
Leyland Kirby  I've hummed this tune to all the girls I've known 
Leyland Kirby  No longer distance than death 
Leyland Kirby  Memories live longer than dreams 
Leyland Kirby  Wdtftcs - Thirty-One 


These Leyland Kirby pieces are not only my favourites under his name (he also makes music under the names V/Vm, The Caretaker, The Stranger) but also they best illustrate my personality, especially the deep and pervasive melancholy.

The playlist title comes from Visage's "Fade to Grey" and translates "One man on a lonely platform".