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The Pastel Theatre

Artist Song
Fripp, Buck, Chalenor, Chamberlain, Rieflin & Zazou  Slow Music Project (excerpt + wash) 
Brian Eno  Reflection (excerpt 1) 
Steve Roach  Orbit of Memory  
Brian Eno  Reflection (excerpt 2 + wash) 
Steve Roach  Phosphene View  
Brian Eno  Reflection (excerpt 3) 
Steve Roach  Painting in the Dark + Painted Wash 
Brian Eno  Reflection (excerpt 4) 
Markus Reuter & Sha/Eno/Henke  0103 (echo excerpt + Reflection 4 wash & Credit outro) 


This first new mix of 2017 comprises 4 (excerpted) tracks from Brian Eno’s Reflection & 3 from Steve Roach’s Painting in the Dark (acquired 1.1.17 & 12.31.16 respectively), and creates a textural atmosphere by breaking the 2 compositions into fragments & then reassembling them into a brand new construct (including treatments, overdubs, echo-boost, overlapping & a trick…or 2).

Roughed out this past New Year’s Day & tweaked once or twice since then, it includes cameo appearances by Robert Fripp, Markus Reuter & Robert Henke.

Embedded in the Eno tracks are excerpts from a December 2016 interview with Brain & Jarvis Cocker, in which the subject matter was the release of Reflection & the construction of Ambient music – you’ll have to listen to uncover them all : ).

Cover artwork morphed from ‘Painting in the Dark’

81:12 minutes
(2 versions of this mix are included in the download; 1 with & 1 without the interview quotations)

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