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CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
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Cant think of a name

Artist Song
911 call  I need a bambulance. 
Mysterium  Munsters Theme 
TV theme  Addams Family theme 
Katrina & the waves  Walking on sunshine 
Dr.Demento  Rock N Roll Dr. 
Mojo Nixon  Girlfriend in a come 
Leonard Nemoy  Ballad of Billbo Baggins 
Heywood Banks  Halloween song 
REM  Its the end of the world as we know it 
B-52's   Theme for a future generation 
Tony Basil  Shopping from A TO Z 
Nellie Mckay  The dog song 
Adrien Belew  Oh Daddy 
The Nails  88 lines about 44 women  
Violent Femmes  Blister in the sun  
Romeo Void  Never Say Never! ("I might like you better had we slept together") 
The Vapors  Turning Japanese  
Weird Al   Germs 
Meryn Caudel  The Sweater 
Blind Melon  No rain  
Whitney Avalon with Sarah Michelle Gellar  Cinderella -Vrs- Belle 
Whitney Avalon with Katja Glieson  Snow White -Vrs- Elsa 
Whitney Avalon with Molly C. Quinn  Katniss -Vr- Hermione 
Phinease & Ferb With Candace  Candace Yell at cheese 


Made for a close friend that ZERO Gothic tracks. Track 2 is my old band Mysterium. After a few of our usual opening 2-3 tracks we would "Open" with The Munsters theme. I asked her what is her favorite non Goth track. She said No Rain. These are my favorite Non Gothic tracks (some are randomness) but all have a huge place in my heart and I just smile , laugh or bounce. I beyond love this mix.