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An Exclusive Advance Copy Of Something Neither Exclusive Nor Advanced

Artist Song
Mother Mother  Love Struck 
Cloud Nothings  Modern Act  
Ashes Divide  Defamed  
Night Riots  Nothing Personal  
Candlebox  Vexatious  
Loud Lucy  Ticking 
Tony Furtado  Toe The Line  
Royal Blood  Lights Out  
Veruca Salt  Volcano Girls  
Possum Dixon  Watch The Girl Destroy Me  
Material Issue  Valerie Loves Me  
The Empty Hearts  Soul Deep  
The Hunna  Bonfire  
Sleeper Agent  Waves  
Confidence Man  Bubblegum 
Ghost Beach  Miracle 
Semi Precious Weapons  Aviation High  
Panic At The Disco  Hallelujah 
Andy Black  We Don't Have To Dance  
McKinney Griffin  Don't Hold Your Breath 
The Dialogue  Odyssey 
Strangers To Wolves  Here's To The Best 


Neither exclusively older nor all that new, but certainly copied.