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Playlist | Hip Hop/Rap - Alternative Rap
Playlist | Hip Hop/Rap - Alternative Rap

Gully Drift

Artist Song
Billy Woods  Warmachines  
Open Mike Eagle  Celebrity Reduction Prayer (feat. Oddisee) 
Cadence Weapon  Conditioning  
Anderson .Paak   Come Down (feat. TI) 
Aesop Rock  Rings  
Chance the Rapper  Cocoa Butter Kisses (feat. Vic Mensa) 
D. Bridge  Origami 
Chronixx  Fables 
Cee Lo Green, Timbaland  I'll Be Around (Club Mix) 
Foxy Brown, Spragga Benz  Oh Yeah 
Siimba Lives Long  W.I.A. 
Maxine Ashley  Lobster 
J. Cole  Apparently  
Meek Mill  Slippin (feat. Future & Dave) 
Jam Baxter  Larvae (feat. Fliptrix)  
Jehst  High Plains Anthem  
Freddie Foxxx, Bumpy Knuckles  Tell Em I'm Here 
Goodie Mob  Fly Away  
clipping.  Inside Out  
Spank Rock  Gully  


In 2016, I made 2 mixes back to back, Gully & Drift. They have proven to be 2 of my most popular mixes.
Here is my favorite story involving these 2 mixes: My friend Jenna went to a meeting for work with a coworker she did not know very well. It took an hour one-way to get to the meeting, so she played the original runs of Gully & Drift (equaling 160 minutes) to and from the meeting with her coworker in the passenger seat. She hadn't listened to the mixes before putting them in and had no idea they were entirely rap and hip hop. She told me her coworker barely spoke the entire trip and did not seem to be into the music, but Jenna jammed along, pretending that she was very familiar with the songs. Every time I think of this story, I laugh uncontrollably. Her coworker quit very soon after.

As much as I love Gully & Drift, I found that I always skipped the same songs every time I played them, & I could never remember which songs were on which mix, so I decided to edit the 2 into one mix with just the hits from both mixes.
Even if you heard the original runs, this should turn out to be a new listening experience as Gully & Drift finally unite, intertwining into one.
It's beautiful, really.

Happy listening!