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The Egg Nog Mix

Artist Song
Ott  One Day I Wish To Have This Kind of Time  
Lemonjelly  Nervous Tension 
Shpongle   Divine Moments of Truth 
Ozric Tentacles  Dance of the Loomi  
Suzanne Vega  Predictions  
The Besnard Lakes  And This Is What We Call Progress  
Lotus  Arupa  
The Orb  Toxygene  
Nodens Ictus  Spacelines 


I have a co-worker who gifts my team with Anderson-Erickson Eggnog every year at "holiday" season time. This stuff is mind blowing - 250 calories per 4oz. Yikes. But it is amazingly good. I whipped up this mix for him as a "thank you". My mood was a bit trippy, psyche, and electronic when I put it together. It flows real nice.
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