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Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ

1970 vol. 1

Side A
Artist Song
The Only Ones  The Whole of the Law  
Can  I'm So Green  
Roberta Flack  Go Up Moses  
Neil Young  Walk On  
Marijata  Papa's Little Boy 
Al Stewart  Sand In Your Shoes  
Townes Van Zandt  Rex's Blues  
Lou Reed  Charley's Girl  
Betty Davis  70s Blues  
Harry Nilsson  Coconut  
Sex Pistols  Liar 
Arthur Lee  Everybody's Gotta Live 
The Flatlanders  She Had Everything 
Dennis Wilson  Dreamer 
Side B
Shuggie Otis  Ice Cold Daydream  
Bryan Ferry  Sign of the Times  
Lee Perry  Free Up the Weed 
Brigitte Fontaine  La Dragon 
Kevin Ayers  Carribean Moon 
The Clash  I'm Not Down  
Marvin Gaye  You're the Man (Part 1) 
Hugo Filho  Quero Voce Voce 
UK Subs  Young Criminals 
Curtis Corporation  Disco Nights 
Leonard Cohen  There Is A War 
Talking Heads  Happy Day 
Brad & Janet & Riff Raff  Over at the Frankenstein Place 
Russ Saul  Just To Say Goodbye 
Warren Zevon  Poor Poor Pitiful Me 
The Two Things In One  Silly Song 


Was it released between 1970 and 1979? It might be on this tape.
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