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It's Wrong to Love: Songs of the Lost 90s

Artist Song
Holiday  It's Wrong to Love  
Papas Fritas  Live by the Water  
Madder Rose  Beautiful John  
Lotion  Head 
Magnapop  Open the Door  
Matt Keating  McHappiness  
Emmet Swimming  Arlington  
Crumb  Shoegazer  
New Fast Automatic Daffodils  It's Not What You Know  
The Caulfields  Devil's Diary 
Swell  Forget About Jesus  
Johan  Everybody Knows 
The Miss Alans  The Sad Last Days of Elvis Aaron Presley  
Babe the Blue OX  Rube Goldberg 
The Sugarplastic  Sheep 
A House  She Keeps Me Humble  
Thousand Yard Stare  Buttermouth  
Mother May I  In a Box 
Eleven  Crash Today 
Jets to Brazil  Sweet Avenue  
Holiday  The Likely End of Our Last Days 


78 minutes of the forgotten 90s rock lingering in the bargain bins of a Half Price Books near you.
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Date: 10/15/2019
"Forgotten" sounds about right, but always good to hear J2B.