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2020 'Thon Mix

Side A
Artist Song
The Beatles  I am the Walrus 
Peter Gabriel  Shock the Monkey  
H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society  Carol of the Old Ones 
He Who (for legal reasons) Must Not Be Named  A Shoggoth on the Roof - Tentacles! 
Genesis  Invisible Touch  
Billy Idol  Eyes without a Face  
Voltaire  Brains 
The Offspring  Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)  
Christine Lavin  Fly on a Plane  
The Cramps  Human Fly  
Rush  Fly by Night  
DaVinci's Notebook  Kingdom in the Sky 
Jonathan Coulton  Future Soon  
Pete Seeger  Midnight Special  
Barbara Streisand  People 
Hall & Oates  Maneater 
Goldfinger (Nena cover)  99 Red Balloons 
Fishbone  Party at Ground Zero  
Weird Al Yankovic  Christmas at Ground Zero 
Dschinghis Khan  Kapt'n Nemo 
Vanessa Michaels  Kipo and the age of Wonderbeasts 
Dope Saint Jude  Grrrl Like  
The Ringer  Dear Baby Yoda 
OverEnglishMan  Luke Skywalker: You're Welcome (Moana Parody) 
Funk Turkey  Big Mandalorian Iron 
Unlessons  Luke the Son of Anakin (Hamilton Parody) 
The Who  Boris the Spider  
Talking Heads  Once in a Lifetime  
Johnny Cash  The Chicken In Black  
R.E.M.  Don't Go Back to Rockville  
Side B
Weird Al Yankovic  Foil 
Jerry Lee Lewis  Great Balls of Fire  
Rush  YYZ  
Sadie Killer & the Suspects  G-g-g-ghost 
Sadie Killer & the Suspects  Sadie Killer & the Suspects 
Josh Millard  I Knew You Were Tribbles (When you walked in) 
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts  Science Fiction Double Feature 
Insane Ian  Fury Road  
Possible Oscar  That Calls for a Wilhelm Scream  
Roy Rogers  Happy Trails  


Soundtrack for the 2020 Science Fiction Movie Marathon. MIRACLE MILE. FIEND WITHOUT A FACE. SPACEBALLS. MYSTERIOUS ISLAND w/Harryhausen's Daughter Vanessa In Person! 1920's DR. JEYKLL & MR. HYDE w/Jeff Rapsis Live Music! ALTERED STATES. Cronenberg's THE FLY. MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. SECONDS. DIE MONSTER DIE. TARANTULA. FAST COLOR. SOYLENT GREEN
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Date: 2/19/2020
Note that I never follow the Silent with live music, as who could follow that? If I had, it would have been: Hazard to myself - Pink The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether - Alan Parsons Project Changes - David Bowie