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First Day of School: Meet Your Classmates

Artist Song
American Aquarium   Katherine Belle  
RIN  Monica Bellucci  
Launder  Annie Blue  
Hank Williams III   Cecil Brown  
Lil Wayne   Kobe Bryant 
The Muffs   Jack Champagne  
The Replacements   Alex Chilton  
Courtney Barnett   Debbie Downer 
Liz Phair   Johnny Feelgood  
The Guess Who   Albert Flasher  
Steely Dan  Charlie Freak  
Allah-Las   Brittany Glasz  
The Coathangers   Tonya Harding  
Weezer  Buddy Holly  
Dover   Loli Jackson  
The Pogues   Jesse James  
The Supremes   Nathan Jones  
Bill Staines   Henri Leblanc  
Grateful Dead   Rosalie McFall  
Gillian Welch   Caleb Meyer  
Ed Sheeran   Nancy Mulligan  
Arctic Monkeys   Teddy Picker  
Roxy Music   Virginia Plain  
Bikini Kill   Tony Randall  
Jason Ebbs   Annabelle Seabreeze  
Iggy Azalea   Sally Walker  
The Kinks   David Watts  
Trampled by Turtles   Walt Whitman  
Vampire Weekend   Diane Young  


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