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CD | Theme - Break Up
CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Alternative - College Rock
CD | Theme - Road Trip

The Tape Deck Works vol 1

Side A
Artist Song
Rilo Kiley  Paint's Peeling  
Further Seems Forever  Madison Prep  
Silversun Pickups  Future Foe Scenarios  
Pretty Girls Make Graves  All Medicated Geniuses 
Wolf Parade  Modern World 
Saves the Day  All I'm Losing Is Me 
NOX  Eat the Meek 
Plumtree  Scott Pilgrim  
AFI  Bleed Black  
Brad Sucks  Dirtbag  
My Chemical Romance  The Jetset Life is Going to Kill Me  
The Get Up Kids  Holy Roman  
Straylight Run  Existentialism on Prom Night  
Girl Talk  Friday Night  
Side B
The Clash  Complete Control 
The Ramones  Howlin' at the Moon 
Zombina & the Skeletones  Braindead 
Damone  Out Here All Night  
The Soviettes  #1 is Number Two 
The Creepshow  The Garden 
Teen Idols  I Can't Think 
Dead Kennedys  California Uber Alles  
OK Go  The House Wins  
Modest Mouse  Lives 
Epoxies  Clones  
Rival Schools  My Echo  
The Raveonettes  Gone Forever  
The Beat  Mirror in the Bathroom  
Moxy Fruvous  The Drinking Song 


Around 2014, I bought a car with a standard transmission, a working cassette player, and not much else. I made these tapes out of whatever CDs I owned, to be good for road trips or drowning out the guy next to you in traffic