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Inflight Entertainment

Artist Song
Serge Gainsbourg vs. Readymade  Aeroplanes (Readymade's bold mix) 
Serge Gainsbourg vs. Herbert  Bonnie & Clyde (Herbert's Fred & Ginger mix) 
Herbert & Dani Siliciano  Going Round 
Stardust  Music Sounds Better With You 
The Bucketheads  The Bomb 
Serge Gainsbourg vs. Demon Ritchie  Sea, Sex & Sun (Sexy remix) 
United Future Organization  United Future Airlines 
Truby Trio  Alegre 
Wei Chi  Heaven 
Supersempft  O Preguicoso 
The Independent Colors  Fly-Way 
Readymade  Transcontinental 
Bab & Rolando 808  Mas Que Nada 


It's the usual game: taking the best of two cds and fleshing them up with some other related material. The mix takes off straight from the beginning, it gets a bit main streamy in the middle, gives you some smooth moments later and ends with a massive kick-ass hit. I wish airlines would play this mix on their flights.
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