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Getting Under the Covers Vol. I

Side A
Artist Song
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes  Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard 
They Might Be Giants  Jessica 
Social Distortion  Ring of Fire 
Soundgarden  Big Bottom 
The Donner Party  Squeeze Box (live) 
Rage Against the Machine  The Ghost of Tom Joad 
Tool  No Quarter (live) 
Gerald Collier  Fearless 
Jack Black  Let's Get It On 
Tenacious D   You Never Give Me Your Money/The End (live) 
Rickie Lee Jones  Low Spark of High Heeled Boys 
Bruce Springsteen  Jersey Girl 
Sebadoh  Pink Moon 
Ben Folds FIve  Twin Falls (live) 
Rufus Wainright  One Man Guy 
Jeff Buckley  Hallelujah 
Side B
Simon and Garfunkel  Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard 
The Allman Brothers Band  Jessica 
Johnny Cash  Ring of Fire 
Spinal Tap  Big Bottom 
The Who  Squeeze Box  
Bruce Springsteen  The Ghost of Tom Joad 
Led Zeppelin  No Quarter  
Pink Floyd  Fearless 
Marvin Gaye  Let's Get It On 
The Beatles  You Never Give Me Your Money/The End  
Traffic  Low Spark of High Heeled Boys 
Tom Waits  Jersey Girl 
Nick Drake  Pink Moon 
Built to Spill  Twin Falls  
Loudon Wainright III  One Man Guy 
Leonard Cohen  Hallelujah 


Okay, so I haven't actually made this tape yet, but I will. The format is pretty obvious: Side 1 is a cover, Side 2 is the original.
When compiling this list, I did try to avoid using "tribute" albums as much as possible (by that I mean one artist being covered by several different artists... for my purposes, one artist COVERING several different artists is okay).
With so many covers out there, this will definitely be part of a series.


Date: 7/3/2001
Cool Idea. I had actually thought about doing something like this myself. Looking forward to Vol. II.
dave e.
Date: 7/4/2001
well, it ought to be entirely obvious by now, but i have a real weakness for cover versions. yes, i admit it. this is a swell idea, and a good round-up of covers and originals...well done, nubby g.
Date: 7/4/2001
Very nicely done!!
Date: 7/4/2001
Love the Rufus cover. I'm a huge fan of both Loudon and Rufus. I saw Rufus and his sister Martha perform One Man Guy in Montreal. Very Nice.
little girl laughing
Date: 7/9/2002
"twin falls" is THE most beautiful song ever...
Date: 3/13/2003
these kinda cover/original deals are fun as hell. and the vibe of your namesake is as well.