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the il cronos knaba shift mix

Side A
Artist Song
juliana hatfield  so down 
that dog.  never say never 
archers of loaf  harnessed in slums 
Bt w/ tori amos  blue skies 
fishbone  skankin to the beat 
bad brains  how low can a punk get? 
pavement  no tan lines 
aerosmith  walking the dog 
elastica  stutter 
fishbone  alchoholic 
dance hall crashers  cold shower 
soundgarden  kickstand 
decendants  thank you 
me first and the gimme gimmes  only the good die young 
cake  nugget 
ben folds five  bad idea 
decendants  outro 
Side B
aerosmith  toys in the attic 
archers of loaf  I.N.S 
pearl jam  rear view mirror 
tori amos  raspberry swirl 
saint etienne  sylvie 
urusei yatsura movie 2 strk  (i have no clue i read no japanese) 
10,000 maniacs  can't ignore the train 
butter 08  where's the rage? 
fishbone  party at ground zero 
placebo  36 degrees 
billy joel  sleeping with the television on 
dance hall crashers  truly comfortable 
rancid  sidekick 
echobelly  holding a wire 


my first cronos mix from around 97 or 98. its scary how many of these songs get resused in other mixes. i just cant leave em be.


Date: 11/14/2002
Dancehall Crashers. Fishbone. Cake. Me First... Pavement. Placebo. Butter 08. And many others. How could one not love a mix like this? It would rock socks off jocks and hot rocks would shoot from spots of the earth warmer and more tropical then'ah most. This mix is indeed a spewing lava loverly mixerupper crater adding to the dimensions of it's hostland. Let the Sangria flow!! ole!! HAHAHAA.
Date: 5/16/2003
i want to make love to this mix.. not like to the songs.. like to the whole mix cd. its amazing
Date: 8/7/2006
wow, this is a super mix.