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Sounds from the Bubble...The First In A Series.

Artist Song
U2   Helter Skelter 
Faith No More  Epic 
Tin Machine  Under The God 
Limbo Maniacs  Maniac 
Living Colour  Which Way To America 
Scatterbrain  Don't Call Me Dude 
Adrian Belew  Men In Helicopters 
The Call  Let The Day Begin 
The Pogues  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 
Robyn Hitchcock  Ballon Man 
They Might Be Giants  Birdhouse In Your soul 
Hothouse Flowers  Don't Go 
Indigo Girls live w/ Stipe  Kid Fears 
Cowboy Junkies  Cause Cheap is How I Feel 
Iggy Pop w/ Kate Pierson  Candy 
The Alarm  Rain in The Summertime 


As I'm sure there's a thousand of us here...the college dj. A little slice of the late 80's college music. Been meaning to put this one togeter for a while...with it I can still smell the old wood and burning ozone of eletrcity when ever I walked in every day to fire up the station. I'd love to hear your feedback.