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il cronos knaba 7 - Damn you (il cronos knaba's greatest misses musical selection journey)

Side A
Artist Song
saint etienne  how we used to live 
simon and garfunkel  bridge over troubled water 
ben folds five  don't change your plans 
radiohead  blackstar 
tori amos  upside down 
shudder to think  kissy penny 
ani defranco   
temple of the dog  four walled world 
saint etienne  hobart paving 
the smiths  stretch out and wait 
tracy chapman  baby can i hold you? 
pizzicato five  fortune cookie 
pearl jam  immortality 
Side B
elliot smith  waltz no. 
(i forgot who does this song lol)  alone again, naturally 
tori amos  putting the damage on 
saint etienne  madeline 
shudder to think  she might be waking up 
alanis morrisette  one 
yuko  (some urusei yatsura movie b-side) 
prince  damn u 
echobelly  heroes in june 
lou reed  perfect day 
shudder to think  just really wanna see you 
the smiths  there's a light that never goes out 
tori amos  northern lad 
cibo matto   king of silence 
echobelly  bleed 
10,000 maniacs  jezebel 


i felt like making a mix that would not only make me feel sad if i felt inclined to feel that way, but to also amplify the emotion, or, just carry me afloat. basically a mood stimulator. it kinda worked.


abigail dice
Date: 9/15/2002
I just noticed that you use a lot of great Tori songs on your mixes. particular this one, with upside down and northern lad. have you heard her cover of 'losing my religion'? pretty damn intense. anyways. I'll go away now :) this is nice!