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RAWK & other stuff

Side A
Artist Song
R.E.M.  Radio Free Europe  
Reel Big Fish  Alternative, Baby 
Folk Implosion  Natural One 
Goldfinger  Mabel 
Pearl Jam  Do the Evolution (live)  
Oasis  Stay Young  
Green Day  Basket Case  
Foo Fighters  I'll Stick Around (part) 
They Might Be Giants  We're the Replacements  
Pulp  Common People  
Foo Fighters  Monkey Wrench  
Ben Folds Five   Julianne (live)  
They Might Be Giants   No One Knows My Plan (live) 
They Might Be Giants  Gas Mask (live) 
Side B
Beastie Boys  She's Crafty  
Fatboy Slim  Praise You  
Eve 6  Inside Out  
The Cardigans  My Favourite Game  
Phish  Chalk Dust Torture  
Magnificent Bastards  Mockingbird Girl  
Cake  Never There  
Blink 182  Dammit 
The Beatles  Everbody's Got... .. Monkey 
Mono Puff  Unsupervised, I Hit My Head  
Beastie Boys  Sure Shot  
The Beatles  Eleanor Rigby  
James  She's a Star  
Green Day  When I Come Around  


this is basically just a bunch of "ROCK" type songs-- i.e., mostly songs I think rock, but in a fairly clever or interesting, sometimes even quite self-aware, manner. It's a fun tape.