My Day at the Record Store

Side A
Artist Song
Stars  Counting Stars on the Ceiling 
Lucksmiths  Southernmost 
Able  Springtime 
#Poundsign#  Ayso 
Bella Vista  Run and Hide 
Cadallaca  Two Beers Later 
Wolfie  You Are a Woman 
Holiday Flyer  Trains 
Rizzo  Cathy 
La Buena Vida  Tardes de Cafe 
Stars  This Charming Man 
Jumprope  Follow Me 
Cadallaca  Pocket Games 
Lucksmiths  ie, eg, etc 
Wolfie  Waiting for the Night to End 
Aisler's Set  The Red Door 
Side B
Lucksmiths  T-Shirt Weather 
Acid House Kings  Paris 
Wolfie  What I Want From the World 
Rizzo  Raspberry Beret 
Barcelona  Beautiful 
Stars  On Peak Hill 
Majestic  The Rainbow Connection 
Cadallaca  Cadallaca Theme 
Wolfie  Slip of a Shingle 
Aisler's Set  Summers Reprise 
Best Wishes  The Best Sort of Wishes 
Lucksmiths  The Golden Age of Aviation 
Ashley Park  The Great Divide 
Rizzo  Spin This 
Stars  My Radio (FM Mix) 


I made this mix after a heavy bout of record shopping and mail ordering. I tried to belt it out before I felt comfortable with the records I had purchased (you know there is always those few listens where still aren't sure of what you make of a recording) but the Stars LP was so damned good I ended up breaking that rule. What I used to make the comp: Lucksmiths T-Shirt Weather and Staring at the Sky EPs, Stars Nightsongs LP, Cadallaca Introducing Cadallaca LP, Wolfie Tall Dark Hill LP, the new Rizzo LP, the latest Little Darla comp (vol. 17) Kindercore's Seven Summers comp, another comp that I forget the name of presently, and the Aisler's Set Red Door 7"

There is a sequel to this tape called My Trip to the Bookstore which is currently being made and probably will be posted tomorrow.

I need to learn self control.


Date: 7/17/2001
brandt, this is charming. xoxo.
Date: 11/13/2001
oh darla.
James Roberts
Date: 11/28/2001
A heady mix. How do you do it? The Lucksmiths EPs are beautiful, as is the second album from Ashley Park.