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landmarks (the things we passed and left behind)

Artist Song
tori amos  take to the sky 
modest mouse  a different city 
smog  distance 
rose blossom punch  cyclone fence 
aphex twin  outside 
miles davis  footprints 
portishead  roads (live) 
hedwig and the angry inch  wicked little town 
tom waits  lowside of the road 
cry cry cry  northern cross 
pj harvey  the river 
black heart procession  waterfront (the sinking road) 
cat power  sea of love 
sunny day real estate  the ocean 
eels  daisies of the galaxy 
yo la tengo  shadows 
bjork  new world 


this was originally conceived as a sort of companion disc to "fingers stab the map like hope." it turned into something completely different. tolstoy once said that there were only two stories in all literature: a man goes on a journey, and a stranger comes to town. well, this is the first, and maybe a prequel to the second. making this was utterly harrowing, but i finally got it all to fit. yay done.


Date: 7/19/2001
this looks lush, i think i'd like to hear it. the titles, maybe. about the 18 seconds, maybe the studio version of 'roads' is shorter than the live?
Rob Conroy
Date: 7/19/2001
So this is the opus that we discussed the other day? :-) Lovely. It looks beautiful.
Talia Jacobson
Date: 7/19/2001
that's what i'm hoping, bear. if not, i'm going to go in there with a sound editor and shave those seconds off. i'm fairly certain i can do it without touching the actual music.