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Cassette | Dance - Jungle/Drum'n'bass
CD | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

Sessions 8

Artist Song
Mukelo  The Owl Mechanoids 
Palmskin Productions  The Beast 
John Heussenstamm  Me & Me Only 
John Heussenstamm  Journies of Dr Singh 
Bomb The Bass  Braindead 
Friendly  The Adventures Of Shuffles The Oyster 
Noel Zancanella  Where Edges Meet 
Funk Potato  Potato Groove 
Eliane Bastos  O BObado e a Equilibrista 
Maloko  Somebody Somewhere 
Helge Krabye  Order and Chaos - WaterFall 
Pan Caribe  Yellowbird 


Sessions Volume 8 - Music for Eating Pasta and Playing Cards! : Kicks off with 'The Owl Mechanoids', grooving breakbeats. 'The beast' settles the mood nicely in a hip-hop stylee, the on to two John Heussenstamm tracks, ethnic sounds, tablas and gituar. Bomb the bass bring us back to life with Braindead, classic smoky hip-hop! 'The Adventures Of Shuffles The Oyster' kicks on with some uptempo, fluffy breaks! Next up Noel Zancanella brings us back to the lounge, hazy breaks, and Funk Potato carry on with some comedy porn grooves. Eliane Bastos carries on all things sexy with some brazillian Bossa-Nova. Maloko shake it up 60's stylee with 'Someone Somewhere', before blending out into ambience in 'Order and Chaos - WaterFall' Last up, Pan Caribe emerge from vapourous sounds with some classic Calypso mellowness! __et voila!__ PeaCe! []
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g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 7/25/2001
...quite an interesting & unique mix. Ive not heard ANY of these artists. "Sounds" like it has a groovy beat!
Date: 7/25/2001
I'd never heard of "Funk Potato" either - but I think that's a fantastic name.