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Cassette | Theme - Romantic

Jamie's Mix

Side A
Artist Song
My Heart Will Go On (remix)  Bush 
Sleep To Dream  Veruca Salt 
Sell Out  The Mighty Mighty Bosstones 
Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)  Green Day 
Sunny Came Home  Blink 182 
Semi-Charmed Life  Jewel 
Tubthumping  Matchbox 20 
Santaria  The Verve 
Are You Jimmy Ray?  Celine Dion 
I Do  Ben Fold's Five 
Sex and Candy  Blessed Union of Souls 
Zoot Suit Riot  Deep Blue Something 
Side B
Mouth  Fiona Apple 
Volcano Girls  Reel Big Fish 
Rascal King  Backstreet Boys 
Good Ridance (Time of Your Life)  Shawn Coleman 
Dammit  Third Eye Blind 
Foolish Games  Chumbawamba 
3am  Sublime 
Bittersweet Symphony  Jimmy Ray 
My Heart Will Go On (second remix)  Lisa Lobe 
Brick  Marcy's Playground 
Light in Your Eyes  Cherry Popping Daddies 


Obviously this was a mix of all my favorite songs that are played on the radio. I decided they belonged on a tape so I could listen to them whenever I wanted without commercials. I hope you all enjoy it.