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Cassette | Dance - Jungle/Drum'n'bass
CD | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre


Artist Song
Herwig Maurer  Electric Unicorn 
Unknown  Unknown (ZX-1) 
Herwig Maurer  Aqua (Primary Lifeform) 
Capricious  Pu 
Andy Roberts  Mr Roberts' Neigbourhood 
Capricious  Poison Arrow 
Yenneh  Are We Being Clear? 
Vick Lavender  Wish 
Shazz  El Caminio pt.1 
Sueno Latino  Sueno Latino (Cutmaster G Mix) 
PussyCuts  Ad-Hoc 
SS  Earthwork 
Wavelength  Sine 
The Livfe People  Avont Garden 
BombJack  Polotics 
Quadra  Floating Air 


Playing Time : 99:05 : This mix was recorded by me (on turntables) in late August 1999. Complete sentimental value for me!, this mix was meant to be part one of a set of mixes covering the house-ier side of my record collection. ..Sentimental because about 6 months after this was recorded, I packed all my records away at home and came out to australia for a few years.. So every time I listen to this mix I get all sad thinking of my tunes going dusty at home! (You see- a life story within a mix! hehe) - Kicking off with 2 banging Herwig Maurer tunes, with a wiiiicked white label circa 91-92 dropped inbetween, then we get damn funky house-stylee, I still cant get over how grooving tunes like 'Mr Roberts' Neighbourhood' are.. we end up with Shazz going completely off on a jazzy tip, then straight into the amazing Cutmaster G mix of 'Sueno Latino'.. things go tech again with Ad-Hoc and 'Earthwork'.. truly an amazing peice, then 'sine' calms things down ready for 'Avont Garden', inspirational french Jazz-House.. finishing off this mix are two personal favourites, intelligent techno flavours with 'Polotics' and finishing up with the epic 'Floating Air'.. dem kind of techno to make you cry :) I'd only been mixing a year when I made this, so the mixing isnt always perfect, but this is a fascinating mix for me to look back on.. set in stone, as it were. The mix stands in MP3 format at the moment, being at 99 minutes I'm unable to burn it to a CD, and havent got the heart to chop it up! (..I really should get a tape recorder, problem solved!) __Peace!__tF
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g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 7/30/2001
oum, ba pa - de dum ta ta duh da da (oops--wuz listenin' to bowie's "Queen Bitch" yesterday...nice beats !