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Cassette | Mixed Genre

Sleeping Under Covers for the Man

Side A
Artist Song
Pavement  Cut Your Hair 
The Beatles  I'm So Tired 
Oasis  Hello 
Garbage  Sleep Together 
James  How Was It For You? 
Elastica  Stutter 
Mono Puff  It's Fun to Steal 
The Cure  Why Can't I Be You? 
Pulp  I Spy 
Violent Femmes  I See a Damsel 
Blur  She's So High 
Side B
James  Destiny Calling 
Stone Roses  Tightrope 
Mono Puff  Hello, Hello 
They Might Be Giants  Spy 
R.E.M.  Daysleeper 
Mono Puff  Backstabbing Liar 
Oasis  Champagne Supernova 
Semisonic  Singing in My Sleep 
They Might Be Giants  Birdhouse in Your Soul 
Touch & Go  Would You... ? 
Talking Heads  And She Was 


Okay, this is like sort of a spy-espionage-intrigue tape, and some sleeping too, because spies get tired (trust me). Lots of duplicity, angst, and dysfunction.. and in keeping with the whole double-agent thing, well, some of the artists show up twice. SPY!!!!