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The Weekend Search For Cherry Mountain Dew

Artist Song
Eagle Eye Cherry   Save Tonight (Techno Remix) 
Robbie Williams  Kids 
Everclear  Rockstar 
Robert Palmer  Simply Irresistable 
Lit  My Own Worst Enemy 
Hanson  MMMBop (Techno Remix) 
Headboard  The End Is Near 
Coyote Shivers  Sugarhigh 
Violent Femmes  American Music 
Bouncing Souls  I Want Candy 
Common Rider  Classics of Love 
Harvey Danger  Flagpole Sitta 
Fatboy Slim vs. Rolling Stones  The Satisfaction Skank 
Showoff  Falling Star 
Travis  Flowers In The Window 
Sister Hazel  We'll Find It 
Nerf Herder  Candy 
Aha  Take On Me (Techno Remix) 


Months ago, when the magical nectar that is Cherry Mt. Dew was only a vague rumor, a few friends and I spent a weekend scouring the city to find it. We didn't get our hands on the delicious beverage, but the search did inspire this f-ing happy mix. Here's to Scot and Ryan and Aaron!

**The Techno Hanson needs to be there...just trust me**