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More Popular Than Cheeses

Side A
Artist Song
Barnes & Barnes  Please Please Me 
Barbra Steisand  Honey Pie 
Das Damen  Wild Honey Pie 
Husker Du  Helter Skelter 
Electronic Concept Orchestra  Penny Lane 
The Church  It's All Too Much 
The Original Sins  Sorrow/Rain 
Doctor's Mob  She Said, She Said 
Del Shannon  From Me To You 
Electronic Concept Orchestra  Hey Jude 
Side B
The Last  She Loves You 
Jars Of Clay  Dear Prudence 
Kasenetz-Katz Singing Ochestra Circus  We Can Work It Out 
Harry Nilsson  You Can't Do That 
Jad Fair/Daniel Johnston  Tomorrow Never Knows 
Heavenly  It Won't Be Long 
The Supremes  Because 
Andy Mackay/Eno  The Long And Winding Road 
Bryan Ferry  It's Only Love 
Swinging Erudites  Yesterday 
Chris Stamey  Instant Karma 
The Smithereens  I't Don't Come Easy 


On August 11, 1966, John Lennon held a press conference to explain/apologize for his remarks regarding the Beatles being "more popular than Jesus." Turns out he actually said they were more popular than "cheeses", but with the accent and all it kinda got out of hand.

In honor of that occasion and to aid fellow AOTM member--Eric Schmuckler with his ongoing quest for Beatle covers the resulting tape was made.(this is just a few that Eric might not have, it is hard pressed to fill up a tape with Beatle related covers he doesn't have) Yes, there are two solo Beatle covers and a cover version that also includes a tune by The Merseys. Some are good, some are bad. Some I have no idea how they made it into my collection. I obviously found a use of them this time.


Date: 8/12/2001
An interesting cover: Electric Hellfire Club's version of "Helter Skleter". However, it would have been pretty hard to get it on this mix w/o being abrasive. This is cool...
Date: 8/12/2001
Ooh.. somewhere around here, I have a tape of the Grateful Dead doing Beatles cover tunes.. egads.. some great, some horrid. Most horrid.
Interplanet Janet12345
Date: 8/12/2001
Is the Barnes & Barnes the same people who did "Fish Heads?"
Eric Schmuckler
Date: 8/13/2001
Needless to say, I'm all atingle. The amazing thing is how vast the world of Beatles covers is. Not to mention how much cheese. Rock on, good sir.
Date: 8/13/2001
Yes indeed Janet, it is the same group.
Date: 8/13/2001
Or - you could try Uncut magazine from a couple of months ago, which featured a free CD full of Beatles covers
Rob Conroy
Date: 8/13/2001
Great idea, execution, schematic planning, revolutionary
thinking, blah blah... you know the drill, Casetta. :-)
Date: 8/13/2001
August 11, 1966--ten years to the day before I was born. I'm trying to remember the name of the band that covered Eleanor Rigby--a punk version, "All you fucking people! Where do you all come from?"--anyone know the band name, Lo-fi? Casetta? anyone?
Date: 8/14/2001
Godhead does a neat version of Eleanor Rigby. I didn't half these bands covered the Beatles. Lovely cover mix.
jim murray
Date: 11/24/2001
Looking for "Tomorrow Never Knows" covers. Anyone who can provide such please contact. Nobody loves y'all.