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CD | Theme - Narrative

Goodbye Old Us, Hello Real Us

Artist Song
The Beatles  I'm Looking Through You 
The Who  The Real Me 
Billy Joel  The Stranger 
Steely Dan  Dr. Woo 
Ben Folds 5  Evaporated 
Blues Traveler  Price To Pay 
Eric Clapton & Sheryl Crow  White Room (Live) 
Sheryl Crow & The Dixie Chicks  Strong Enough (Live) 
Blues Traveler  Just Wait 
Indigo Girls  Tangled Up In Blue (Live, originally by Bob Dylan) 
.38 Special  Hold On Loosely 
Carole King  So Far Away 
Barenaked Ladies  Call & Answer 
Lenny Kravitz  Again 
Lifehouse  Hanging By A Moment 
Marvin Gaye & Tammy Terrell  Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing 
Stevie Wonder  I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) 


This mix provides a glimpse into recent happenings in my love life. The girlfriend has gone to Australia for the semester and we're just not used to dealing with this kind of distance even though we go to different schools already. Anyway, things have been really rough lately. She's been very withdrawn and even more quiet and introverted than usual. She called me the other day to tell me she kissed someone else. She aplogized and wants to stay together but it really shook me up and I have some trust issues to cope with along with my continueing battle with my clinginess and codependancy.
Anyway, the disc starts out describing with my dissatisfaction with her distance and hiding her true feelings with me. By White Room, I've confronted her and argued with her. (listen to the tone of the duet rather than the lyrics.) I finally force out of her some of the issues that have been bothering her (Strong enough) and answer as best I can (Just Wait) while admitting some of my codependancy issues. (hold on loosely) but I stress to her that this isn't going to work again (this is the second time we've been dating. 14 months today. 8/16/01. That's how long we lasted last time...) unless she's willing to work at it and keep the lines of communication open. (Call And Answer) The last few tracks describe my realization that even though she's put me through so much lately, I'm still madly in love with her, although sometimes I'm not sure why, and I want to work things out if we can. She hasn't spoken to me in over a day. The last time she fell out of contact for more than a day, she was kissing someone else. I hope that, whatever she's doing now, she's having fun and learning. That's why she left, anyway. I just want her to be happy and I hope this mix conveys this. Meanwhile, I'm going to go slap myself as punishment for being so suspicious and jealous.


Date: 8/16/2001
this is such an amazing mix, it follows your train of thought flawlessly... best of luck, hope you guys get through it.
Paul Drennan
Date: 8/16/2001
Wow man ... thats really really deep. It flows really really well though. Good luck man!
Date: 8/16/2001
Hey, didn't High Fidelity end with the same Stevie Wonder song? As I recall, that movie had a happy ending. Hopefully you'll both have a happy ending as well. Nice mix.
Matt Carpenter
Date: 8/17/2001
Very good stuff.
Marvin, Stevie, Lenny,Carol King, Lifehouse. Great music.
Date: 8/17/2001
Thanks, all of you, for the support and well wishes. It's a comfort to know, especially as a college music major, that there are still people out there with good and eclectic taste in music. And yes, Ion Moe, High Fidelity did end with that Stevie song. That's where I first heard it. I saw it for the first time the other week and it had a pretty profound effect on me. I really need to dig into Stevie's catalog beyond the singles. I had no idea of that song's existence and I think it's absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, I fed-exed that mix to her yesterday so it should get there sometime Monday. I think things are going to be ok. She keeps calling me and reassuring me. It's just going to take some time for me to totally trust her again. I have a feeling these wounds won't completely heal until she comes back. In the meantime, I just need to get my own act together and try to be my own person and good stuff like that. Chances are she'll make a reply mix. She's got some mixes up already but I'm not mentioning her user name without her permission. Thanks again, all of you.
Date: 9/22/2001
Yes, it's me, the girlfriend. :) We're definitely still together... although I messed up I think it made our relationship stronger on the whole. Therapy is a good thing.

In the aftermath of the attacks on NY/DC we both realised that life is full of uncertainties; you just have to go on living and loving. There may not be a tomorrow to catch up on all the things you wanted to tell people. So I told him I wanted him in my life forever... which is a long time and a subjective judgment, but somehow that doesn't make it any less true. We're about as engaged as two people can be without setting a wedding date. ;) He once told me, "you'll always have my ear, my shoulder, and my open door." I second that, love...