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The Ultimate Breakup Mix, Part 1 of 3 (Anger)

Artist Song
Joydrop  Spiders 
Alanis Morissette  You Oughta Know 
Ben Folds Five  Song For The Dumped 
Michael Penn  Seen The Doctor 
Bush  Cold Contagious 
Joe Jackson  Is She Really Going Out With Him? 
Fiona Apple  Shadowboxer 
Vanilla Fudge  Keep Me Hangin' On 
The Murmurs  You Suck 
Jeff Buckley  Last Goodbye 
Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories  Stay (I Missed You) 
Marvelous 3  You're So Yesterday 


This is part 1 of 3 - the three phases of a breakup. It's a work in progress, the sequencing is just random for now, but when I actually get around to burning the 3 discs, I'll update it here.

Part 1: Anger
Part 2: Sadness
Part 3: Acceptance?


Date: 8/17/2001
how can you have a breakup/anger tape without alkaline trio? They've made their career on this!
Date: 8/17/2001
i dunno. i'll have to find some of their stuff and check it out. this is an ongoing project, and i still need to add about 4 songs to each disc, so...