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Side A
Artist Song
Fleetwood Mac  Second Hand News  
Fleetwood Mac  Go Your Own Way  
Fleetwood Mac  Dreams  
Peter Gabriel  In Your Eyes  
Barenaked Ladies  If I had a Million Dollars 
Samantha Hashitani  The Edge 
Velvet Underground  I'll Be Your Mirror 
The Church  Two Places at Once  
Janis Joplin  Me & Bobby McGee 
Tracy Chapman  Give Me One Reason  
Edie Brickel & the New Bohemians  Circle of Friends 
Leonard Cohen  Who by Fire?  
Side B
Simon & Garfunkel  I Am a Rock 
Bob Dylan  All I Really Want to do  
Leonard Cohen  Suzanne  
The Pogues  Living in a World Without Her  
Sinead O'Connor  Troy 
Radiohead  Thinking About You  
The Cure  Pictures of You  
Maureen Tucker  Goodnight, Irene 
Violent Femmes  Kiss Off  
Jane's Addiction  Jane Says  
Leonard Cohen  Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye  
The Primitives  Crash  


Mixed tapes are very personalized and may only have significance to the maker or the receiver. A really good mixed tape is one that lots of people enjoy and one you listen to on continuous play. I make my tapes for lon


Alex McConnell
Date: 5/1/2002
Great mix...some very personal songs are included...some are very rare tracks too...good to see they're still out there.
kate pearson
Date: 8/11/2002
good mix...was wondering where you got the Samantha Hashitani song and if i could get a copy?
Kaebel Hashitani
Date: 2/4/2003
The Samantha Hashitani song, "The Edge", was never released. For the most part, the only people that have a copy of that song happen to be family and/or friends.

Samantha did record a single, self-titled album in the late 1990's. It was produced by Jim Leisy. You can contact Locals Only music in Portland, OR for a copy, if any remain.

Samantha hasn't returned to music at this time, so there is no word about a follow-up album at this time. She is currently pursuing her career as a US Border Patrol agent.
Alexander McConnell
Date: 9/14/2004
Of course the Hashitani song, The Edge, is my favorite of the mix but I do have a pretty strong connection to In Your Eyes and Troy...seems like a pretty familiar mix. "Then again, Somehow,
Physical attraction seems like
Nothing compared to the
Of seducing the mind" -S.P.K.H.