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(smog) - boom in frame: 1993-2001

Side A
Artist Song
(smog)  goldfish bowl 
(smog)  look now 
(smog)  natural decline 
(smog)  somewhere in the night 
(smog)  your wedding 
(smog)  i was a stranger 
(smog)  held 
(smog)  a jar of sand 
(smog)  short drive 
(smog)  real live dress 
(smog)  dress sexy at my funeral 
(smog)  whistling teapot (rag) 
(smog)  ex-con 
Side B
(smog)  a hit 
(smog)  rain on lens 2 
(smog)  no dancing 
(smog)  just like napoleon 
(smog)  it's rough 
(smog)  chosen one (peel session) 
(smog)  i break horses 
(smog)  keep some steady friends around 
(smog)  37 push-ups (version) 
(smog)  cold blooded old times 
(smog)  wine-stained lips 
(smog)  sweet smog children 
(smog)  i could drive forever 


i think i said it once about big star to someone, but i'll say it again here regarding smog (or rather: "(smog)", as he's recently changed it to); "it's music that will either send you to the medicine cabinet for the razorblades..or keep you away from 'em". literally, some of the most depressing, moody, wrenching songs ever unleased upon an unsuspecting (or not, as the case may be) public - and yet, some of the most beautiful ones, as well. bow down, sweet smog children...and extra-special thanks to anglophilico cubano for helpin' me out with a couple of those hellishly-obscure b-sides i was missing...
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Date: 8/26/2001
beautiful. the end.
Date: 8/27/2001
which smog song mentions bowie and eno?is it a hit or be hit?
dave e.
Date: 8/28/2001
it's "a hit". one of the greatest lyrics ever penned: "i'll never be a bowie / i'll never be an eno / i'll only ever be a gary numan". genius.
DJ Usurp
Date: 10/20/2002
Can a person subscribe to a service or something, wherein one receives some of these great single-artist and compilation mixes?