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Skatin' Tunes 1989

Side A
Artist Song
Frank Zappa  Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? 
INXS  Original Sin 
Adolescents  All Day And All Of The Night 
Sigue Sigue Sputnik  Love Missile F1.11 
They Might Be Giants  Don't Let's Start 
Dead Milkmen  Bitchin' Camaro 
Dead Milkmen  Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance To Anything) 
Psychedelic Furs  Pretty In Pink 
REM  The One I Love 
Dead Kennedys  Too Drunk To Fuck 
Dead Kennedys  I Fought The Law 
Woofing Cookies  Plain Truth 
Muddy Waters  Mannish Boy 
Anthrax  I'm The Man 
Anthrax  Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 
Side B
The Cure  Killing An Arab 
Sex Pistols  Anarchy In The UK 
Sex Pistols  God Save The Queen 
Bow Wow Wow  I Want Candy 
Saint Vitus  Look Behind You 
Black Flag  I Can See You 
Saccharine Trust  Anatomy & Emotions 
The Clash  White Riot 
New Order  Love Vigilantes 
Killing Joke  Requiem 
Black Flag  Family Man 
Gang Green  Skate To Hell 
Gang Green  Voices Carry 
Suicidal Tendencies  Institutionalized 
Dead Kennedys  Kill The Poor 
Suicidal Tendencies  I Saw Your Mommy 


I made this for my friend Jamie waaay back in 1989. These are some of the songs we used to listen to at our halfpipe in the weeds of Margate, NJ. Interesting mix, to say the least. Hey, it was high school.


Date: 8/26/2001
REM into Dead Kennedys? I'd have to hear it to believe it. Great mix.
Date: 8/28/2001
yuh, it was definitely made in haste with no thought to the sequencing. believe it or not, most of the segues work despite their disparities.
Mason Jar1
Date: 10/23/2001
Wow I love both bands, but I don't think I've ever followed Saccharine Trust so closely by New Order, but with the Clash in the middle, it's a good transition.. I see someone besides me has the SST Blasting Concept Vol 2 ;)
Date: 10/23/2001
yeah! isn't that a kickass tape?
'course, from new order into killing joke may be a bit of a stretch.