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we're all gonna die anyway

Side A
Artist Song
jane's addiction  jane says 
kid rock  only god knows why 
nirvana  lithium 
radiohead  karma police 
john lennon  imagine 
moby featuring gwen stefani  south side 
smashing pumpkins  eye 
arron lewis and fred durst  outside (live) 
Side B
garbage   #1 crush 
rem  losing my religion 
matchbox 20   push 
prodigy  breathe 
crystal method and filter  trip like i do 
white zombie   more human than human (remix) 
marilyn manson  beautiful people 


although all of the songs lyrics may not be so depressing or angry, their musical arrangement sure makes up for it. listen to this when you've just been totally f'ed over by a loved one, and try to resist any suicidal tendancies that may occur during or afterwards.
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chaka cheese12
Date: 9/5/2001
this sounds awesome. i wouldn't know whether to cry or break something after hearing this tape.