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hyperchick 1

Side A
Artist Song
Placebo  36 Degrees 
me  hyper. batteries. try to calm down? 
Placebo  (hidden track) 
me  a poem is no walk. ferric irony. the urge to record. 
Cake  I Will Survive 
Intastella  Skyscrapers 
Faithless  Don't Leave 
me  bruce & charlie. self esteem. 
Death in Vegas  Kowalski 
me  nylon roses. life in storage.  
Suzanne Vega  Tom's Diner 
Eileen Rose  Rose 
Hope Sandoval  Charlotte 
me  the sensei of kit-building 
Propellerheads  History Repeating 
me  drink smoke happy.  
Side B
me  tripping on sisters. 
Beatles  Lady Madonna 
me  wavefunction of hydrogen. the Cure. lightbulb. 
the Cure  Doing The Unstuck 
Texas  Saint 
me  the roadsmile (poem) 
Feeder  Buck Rogers 
Urusei Yatsura  Hello Tiger 
Skunk Anansie  Lately 
me  packing. tidying. Lisa. brainmelt. 
Helicopter Girl  Subliminal Punk 
Tom McRae  2nd Law 
me  so, yeah. 2 weeks. musing on standards. 
Fugees  Fugee-la (fragment) 


This was intended to be more like a zine with sound than a mixtape with words. It's a precise and pretentious difference, but I stand by it. It's been in preproduction and production for about half of *ever* so I feel pure and fresh now it's finished, which doesn't always happen after a project.
It's not really *for* anyone, although there's one greet on there. If it's for a certain time at all, it's the hour or so that you lie in bed before going to sleep, listening to this close by your head or on headphones, so I'm talking straight to you.
Wow, that sounded worryingly sultry.
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Date: 9/9/2001
ooh, would love love love a copy of this, but unfortunately owe a disgusting amounts of mix-tapes to people already and so you might be waiting a terribly long time before you get something in return (but it WOULD happen eventually).
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 9/9/2001
lucy - poetess - (mix-zine stand by girl). mum screams "stop now" but that's not now ("no"). fog rolls off like tomorrow's sweat and there you were, talking-taping-talking more (then less)...your words drop forward and then it's over (end of tape). And you were right not to stop. nice mix idea...! ~:-p