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CD | Theme - Romantic
CD | Theme

in a half-lit world

Artist Song
dj krush feat. esthero  final home 
lamb  fly 
massive attack  black milk 
sneaker pimps  spin spin sugar 
portishead   sour times (trip-hop mix) 
thievery corporation  the mirror conspiracy 
stereolab  groove lullabye 
lamb  softly 
esthero  breath from another 
claire voyant  lolite 
portishead  mourning air (war child mix) 
cirque de soleil  trip hop 
girl next door  gorgeous (slipcritical mix) 
lamb  b-line 
bracelet  magnet stripe red 
binaural sun  bask 


This is trip-hop kind of mix of stuff I have come to like over the past nine months or so. I think it's fairly relaxing & enjoyable.