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Kim Mitchell

Artist Song
Kim Mitchell  Go for Soda  
Kim Mitchell  All We Are  
Kim Mitchell  Patio Lanterns  
Kim Mitchell  Alana Loves Me  
Kim Mitchell  Easy to Tame  
Kim Mitchell  Rock'N'Roll Duty  
Kim Mitchell  That's a Man  
Kim Mitchell  I Am a Wild Party  
Kim Mitchell  Diary for Rock'N'Roll Men  
Kim Mitchell  Lager and Ale  
Kim Mitchell  That's the Hold  
Kim Mitchell  Battle Scar  


Here, in a handful of shimmering cuts, we pay homage to Kim Mitchell's pre-Q-107, post-Max Webster, solo glory days. Arguably the finest axeman in all of Canada, Mitchell has left us with the fruits of a career blending high-octane, rabble-rousing, homegrown rock 'n' roll with an eye for mischief ("Lager and Ale") and heartfelt tenderness (the affecting, finely observed "Patio Lanterns"). Pump it up with "Go for Soda," kick back into the dreamy "Easy to Tame" — relish the hearty, honest-to-goodness brilliance of Kim Mitchell.
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