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Artist Song
Boards of Canada  Olson 
Funckarma  Pullup + 5V 
Tino   Liquid Dub (remix) 
Ovuca  Afteroon Girl 
Takeshi Muto  Freeblox 
Autechre  Bine 
Cospagen  Bitch 
Proswell  Jasmine, My Beautiful Flower 
Michael Fakesch  Rand VC2 
Mannequin Lung  Tea With Jeswa 
Funckarma  Emptilinx 
Machine Drum  Hello, My Future 
Bochum Welt  Future Green 
Air  People in the City 


Listener Status 12
This one was made as a reflection of lving in the city and taking the train to work everyday, as well as a cd to take with me on flights to China. I really like this one, check it out.