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Star Trek II: Passage to Moauv

Side A
Artist Song
The Catheters  Teenage Trash 
Man or Astroman?  Junk Satellite 
Sub Debs  Don't Mess With Us 
Green Day  Jaded 
The Holy Ghost People  Into the Fire 
Girl Trouble  Gonna Find A Cave 
R.E.M.  Hope 
Coffin Break  Kill the President 
Led Zeppelin  Dazed and Confused 
Shark Chum  W.C. 
Devil Doll 
Visage  Malpaso Man 
Elvis Costello  Clean Money 
Side B
Prodigy  Serial Thrilla 
The Murder City Devils  In This Town 
Dumbo  When I See an Elephant Fly 
Atom and His Package  What We Do On Christmas 
2 Minute Hate  Terrorize 
Fred and the Savages  Silent but Deadly 
Bay of Pigs  Pirate Song 
The Ramones  This Ain't Havanah 
Bratmobile  Die 
Gas Huffer  Stay in Your House 
Butthole Surfers  Cough Syrup 
The Beatles  Rock n' Roll Music 
Disbatcher  Through This Passage 


This is the second in a trillogy of mix tapes made using a childrens Star Trek story record between the songs. This story is about a crazy cat thing loose on the enterprise.


Date: 9/23/2001
This is hard to imagine having as having a Star Trek plot woven in there. But it's good!