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The Last Waltz - I think I'll make it. I don't want to, but I think I will.

Side A
Artist Song
the (english) beat  Walk Away 
Prefab Sprout  If You Don't Love Me 
Malcom McLaren  Madam Butterfly 
When In Rome  The Promise 
Yaz  Only You 
Depeche Mode  Enjoy the Silence 
the Cars  Since You're Gone 
Manic Street Preachers  Suicide is Painless 
Matthew Sweet  Don't Go 
Garth Brooks  Learning to Live Again 
Waterlilies  Sunshine Like You 
Side B
the Jesus & Mary Chain  Why'd You Want Me? 
Dinosaur Jr.  What Else Is New 
Matthew Sweet  You Don't Love Me 
Belly  Stay 
Madness  My Girl 
All  She's My Ex 
Best Kissers in the World  60 Seconds 
funland  Obligatory Cover (for the kids) 
Garth Brooks  What She's Doing Now 
Bash & Pop  Friday Night is Killing Me 


Side A: If I ever get you back/ Side B: I'll never let you go. I Promise/ So here, we move on from anger and grief to acceptance. The title and a couple of the songs here make it sound like I was doing worse than I probably really was. (Check out the next tape, "Feelin' Sorry" for more of that theme) I mean, I was hurtin' BIG time, but suicide is something I've never really thought was a good idea. Evidenced by the unlisted song at the end of the B side: Life Is Grand by Camper Van Beethoven. :)