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Artist Song
Ulf Lohman  Because 
Sense  250600 
Autechre  VI Scose Poise 
Tortoise  Firefly 
Farben  The Videoage (re.edit) 
Basic Channel Comp. Track 6 
Aphex Twin  Tha 
Joachim Spieth  You Don't Fool Me 
Savath & Savalas  Transportation Theme 
Fizzarum  Microphort 
EU  Christmas 
Dub Tractor  Rest 
Machine Drum  Jewlea 
Melf   Little Grey Cat 


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This one is the first ambient cd i have made (though i have mafe tons of cassettes), and I wanted it to be mellow but a little unnerving. Again, a reflection of my urban surroundings.
Please remain afloat...


g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 11/28/2001
gorgeously awash with ambience, texture tables, pops & noise.
relative newcomer to the site, Junior D shares some serious skills
(and introduces me to several new artists). particularly enjoyable are: Lohmann,
Sense, & Dub Tractor. great mix !