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be quiet + drive

Artist Song
The Smashing Pumpkins  1979 
The Rolling Stones  Sympathy for the Devil 
The Doors  Alabama Song 
The Smashing Pumpkins  Destination Unknown 
The Rolling Stones  Start Me Up 
Pearl Jam  Even Flow 
Electric Light Orchestra  Don't Bring Me Down 
Queen  Bohemian Rhapsody 
Green Day  Hitchin' a Ride 
The Offspring  Self Esteem 
R.E.M.  Leave 
Nirvana  Lithium 
David Bowie  I'm Afraid of Americans 
The Deftones  Passenger 
Depeche Mode  Never Let Me Down Again 
Lou Reed  Perfect Day 
The Smashing Pumpkins  1979 


A mix I made for the road--for one reason or another, all of the songs on here are, to me, somehow associated with cars or driving. Starts out catchy and gets progressively darker/moodier. "1979" is the ultimate driving song for Pumpkinheads, so I had to put it twice. (My car is my favorite place to sing, and these songs beg to be sung--hence the title. ;)


Date: 9/30/2001
pretty cool mix
half-japanese girl
Date: 9/30/2001
i'm diggint this...
nice choice w/the 1979..i would've done the same