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Drunk Underage Chicks, Represent!

Artist Song
Deep Purple  Smoke on the Water 
Alannah Myles  Black Velvet 
Def Leppard  Pour Some Sugar On Me 
Madonna  Like A Prayer 
Steppenwolf  Born To Be Wild 
AC/DC   You Shook Me All Night Long 
Boom Crash Opera  Onion Skin 
Joan Jett and the Heartbreakers  Crimson and Clover 
Limp Bizkit  Faith 
The Clash  Should I Stay Or Should I Go? 
Warrant  Cherry Pie 
Robbie Williams  Rock DJ 
Billy Idol  Dancing With Myself 
R.E.M.  It's The End of the World as We Know It 
Letters to Cleo  I Want You To Want Me 
Robert Palmer  Simply Irresistable 
We Will Rock You  Queen 


A mix I made for some friends to prepare for a Girls' Night Out.


Date: 9/30/2001
This is too freakin' awesome! This just makes me wanna scream these songs at the top of my lungs!
Date: 5/30/2002
this mix would totally get me and my girls rocking before a night out on the town!!! nice work!