i believe in desperate acts. the kind that make me look stupid...

Side A
Artist Song
bjork  i miss you (remix) 
new order  temptation 
deftones  teenager 
incubus  the warmth 
yves montand  rue st. vincent 
the rentals  brilliant boy 
elliott smith  miss misery 
portishead  wandering star 
unit 4 + 2  concrete and clay 
Side B
jimmy eat world  speed read 
lael alderman  cigarette 
sam cooke  another saturday night 
miles davis  blue in green 
radiohead  talk show host 
the riverdales  back to you 
louis armstrong  kiss to build a dream on 
deftones  to have and to hold (depeche mode cover) 
lou reed  goodnight ladies 
jimmy eat world  table for glasses 
weezer  butterfly 


very very upsetting. oh boy. one 74 minute tape with a little pause at the end of side a, and a dramatic pause at the end of side b. the songs blend together quite well, and show just the right amount of musical prowess to remain unpretentious. did i mention it's a really upsetting mix?


Shannon 1
Date: 10/2/2001
upsetting to whom? not to this girl..

i like i like
Date: 11/4/2001
it's hard for me to successfully include jazz on a mix with anything but jazz. plus my dad's a purist and freaks out if i mix bop or post bop with mainstream or big band...IE davis with armstrong...but i really like this and maybe i should just try harder.
Date: 12/3/2001
sam cooke, miles davis, and radiohead back to back? the rest of the mix could be shit and that would carry it. nice one
Doug Smooth
Date: 10/23/2002
so...she sucks your dick