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CD | Mixed Genre
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sous songs

Artist Song
pixies  where is my mind 
built to spill  car 
the white stripes  dead leaves and the dirty ground 
bright eyes  drunk kid catholic 
neutral milk hotel  everything is 
belle & sebastian  get me away i'm dying 
modest mouse  here it comes 
the white stripes  hotel yorba 
stephen malkmus  jenny & the ess-dog 
modest mouse  lives 
pavement  major leagues 
the shins  new slang 
rem  night swimming 
carissa's wierd  one night stand 
old 97's  salome 
weezer  simple pages 
pavement  spit on a stranger 
built to spill  strange 
belle & sebastian  take your carriage clock and shove it 
the crust brothers  tuesday's gone 
weezer  say it ain't so 


This is a mix I made for a friend at my work. I wash dishes at a restaurant and control the music in the kitchen, so we only listen to what I want, and over the course of the summer one of the cooks has taken a bit of a shine to some of my music. He asked me to make him a CD so we went through and picked out all the songs that I regularly listen to that he likes. He normally likes rap/70's stoner-rock/nu-metal, so it's interesting to see what he ended up liking in the world of "indie rock".


Date: 10/5/2001
I Like it.