punkin' donuts

Side A
Artist Song
frodus  red bull of juarez 
black flag  revenge 
kid dynamite  sweet shop syndicate 
xlimpwristx  stabbed in the back 
submission hold  turpentine 
huggy bear  pro no for now 
by the grace of god  boy and the river 
fugazi  great cop 
modest mouse  what people are made of 
radiohead  how to disappear completely 
alkaline trio  cooking wine 
discount  talking about a revolution 
anti-flag  die for the government 
the tossers  the ballad of u.n. and n.a.t.o. 
lars fredriksen & the bastards  leavin' here 
the gossip  heartbeats 
Side B
bad brains  pay to cum 
dead and gone  red handed 
crisis  kingdom's end 
filth  scarred for life 
the exploited  let's start a war 
flux of pink indians  tapioca sunrise 
blue meanies  the great peacemaker 
the explosion  tarantulas attack 
red monkey  fifty hour week 
patti smith group  citizen ship 
the smiths  a rush and a push and the land is ours 
silverado  stick of death 
murder city devils  lemuria rising 
born against  mary & child (my life as a fetus) 
the haggard  hysteria 


mixed for a trade with AOTMer mindy.


Date: 10/10/2001
oh the glory of "pay to cum," as long as you have the right version...