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CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
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Orchids crushed on your bed (A mix 4 Moonsister)

Side A
Artist Song
Switchblade Symphony  Nightshift  
Sisters of Mercy  Valentine 
Siouxsie & The Banshees  I could be again 
Mephisto Waltz  The Eternal Deep 
Mission UK  Severina 
Heavy Water Factory  Waking up in darkness 
The Shroud  Caged Bird  
Switchblade Symphony  Harpsichord 
Bauhaus  The Passion of lovers  
Deadsy  Lake Waramaug  
Tubeway Army W/Gary Numan  Replicas 
Side B
The Cure  Faith *Live* 
Switchblade Symphony  Dollhouse *Damned mix* 
The Wake  Procession  
Sex Gang Children  Dead Metal 
Shriekback  Nemesis  
Mephisto Waltz  Drowning like the garden 
Wang Chung  Dancing 
Moonspell  Almost Religious / Opium 
Heavy Water Factory  Connected 
Lestat  Irrelavance 
??  Theme from the Brood 


Mix I made for a fellow AOTM Sistermoon (I think I got her name righT!)This quite possibly is the best goth mix I have ever made!


i crawl back into your arms
Date: 3/28/2003
ooh. i like this. i need some good goth music. wanna trade something? drop me a line.
Shane Brown
Date: 3/30/2003
While re-making this mix I came upon something I never realized. The track Harpsichord is actually Funnel due to a mis print on the cd cover. Someone told me that mine was printed wrong but now i see where the problem lies... how cool is that
Date: 8/16/2004
awesome deadsy, cure and switchblade symphony songs