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Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

[.when i stare at the skyline, all i can see is your eyes.]

Side A
Artist Song
sarah mclachlan  good enough  
braid  always something there to remind me 
hole  heaven tonight  
blur  no distance left to run  
cadallaca  o chenilla  
pushover  softly  
bjork  violently happy 
superchunk  does your hometown care?  
meg hentges  this kind of love  
dr. frank  thinking of you  
x-ray spex  highly inflammable  
billie holiday  they can't take that away from me  
modest mouse  teeth like god's shoeshine  
Side B
veruca salt  somebody  
the queers  i met her at the rat  
tori amos  daisy dead petals 
harvey danger  problems and bigger ones  
jewel  i'm sensitive  
reel big fish  the set up (you need this)  
euphone  fallout  
the clash  1-2 crush on you  
howie beno featuring cruella deville  she bop 
the cure  boys don't cry  
the mr. t experience  alternative is here to stay  
sleater-kinney  the size of our love  
anti-flag  go go dancer 
penelope houston  "fools or hippies" 


i almost put this as a theme mix, considering i made it for a girl i <3 and all but a handful of the songs are about love, but it seemed to go better as a mixed genre. i think it's probably the most mixed genre tape i have ever made. it's got everyone from jewel to anti-flag. i'm a huge freak, i know. :)