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Cassette | Theme
Cassette | Theme - Depression

A Glimpse of Lost Time

Side A
Artist Song
The Cure  Apart  
London After Midnight  Carry on...Screaming (Ruins) 
The Cure  To Wish Impossible Things  
Tori Amos  Northern Lad  
The Cure  Bare  
The Cure  A Thousand Hours  
Shakespear's Sister  Stay 
Annie Lennox  Love Song for a Vampire  
Side B
Nine Inch Nails  Something I Can Never Have  
The Cure  Out 
The Cure  The Kiss  
Shakespear's Sister  Goodbye Cruel World 
NIN  Sin 
NIN  That's What I Get 
The Cure  Trap  
The Cure  Shiver and Shake  
London After Midnight  Psycho Magnet  


Once upon a time I got my heart broken. The guy and I lost touch over the years, but last year just before my birthday we talked for the first time in 5 years. When I saw him shortly after Xmas, he gave me a mixed tape titled "Making up for lost time." So for his birthday, which is only 2 months after mine, I made him this, but also made a copy for myself and my best friend. One of my personal favorites of all my mixed tapes.