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Take a Moment

Artist Song
Baaba Maal  Call to Prayer 
Sur Sudha  Resham Firri 
?Traditional Chinese Song 
Pabab Das Baul & Sam Mills  Dil Ki Doya 
Joji Hirota  Komori Uta 
Ryuichi Sakamoto  Faraway Song 
Fatala  Gongoma Times 
Sultan Khan & Zakir Hussain 
Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts  Bha-shey Kel-sang La 
Ayub Agada  Obiero 
Traditional Chinese Song 2 
Unknown Morrocan Musicians  Wedding Song 
Joji Hirota  Hokkai 
Geoffrey Oryema  Makambo 


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This is a cd inspired by the world we live in today, and was made in hopes to counteract some of the insane nationalism that I am seeing everyday. Bottom line, one world, one love. Take a moment to see the bigger picture.


Date: 10/17/2001
i would love to hear this tape! let me know if we can make arrangements for a trade or something. thanx